Possibly THE most momentous of periods in anyone’s life. Deciding to start a family.. Making a human.. Growing that human… and raising that human.

Parenthood is a HUGE responsibility and pregnancy and postpartum is just the beginning. Establishing a solid foundation from which your family can grow ensures the best possible outcome as you transition to a bigger family unit.

Growing a human that potentially weighs 10+lbs puts a lot of strain and stress on our bodies.

Keeping a balanced body throughout a pregnancy takes effort and discipline. In a perfect world we would prepare our body before pregnancy, setting a healthy foundation for for both you and baby. But life is imperfect and things dont always go according to plan.

Whatever way life plays out, take control of your pregnancy and feel good by creating a practical and simple self care routine..  Being as proactive as possible, whenever possible helps ensure a healthy, balanced, and enjoyable experience.

All services are specifically designed to support a woman and her expecting family throughout her pregnancy.

Posture, Gait, Functional Movement Assessments

Prenatal Manual Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy

Self MyoFascial Release Class for Pregnancy

Partner Massage Workshops

Train Like a Mama: Functional, Corrective, Strength Training

In Labor Manual Therapy Support




This is the time in a woman’s life when nurturing yourself and honoring your healing process is crucial. Establishing a solid plan for your recovery pays off in dividends and helps support your healing process. Regardless of what happens during your birth story, a universal time of rest is what is called for the first three months of your recovery.

Once your Midwife or OB clears you, we will reassess your body, how it moves and functions. After we’ve determined the state of your body and how it feels day to day, we will come up with a plan that continues to support the healing process. We also look at how we can re-strengthen, re-balance, and re-fortify your body so it as strong (if not, stronger) than before your pregnancy.

All services are specifically designed to support a woman and her new family throughout her postpartum recovery.

Posture, Gait, Functional Movement Assessments

Postpartum Manual Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy

Therapeutic Cupping

Hara Abdominal Work

Infant Massage Class

New Mama Support

Self MyoFascial Release for Mama

New Mama Strength: Functional, Corrective, Strength Training


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