Wellness Programs for Women
Every body and every lifestyle is different from one person to the next. My wellness programs are no different and are designed to be tailored specifically to your needs. At the beginning of each program, I will sit down with you and map out a game plan based on the goals you establish for yourself.

All programs and treatments are subject to change and evolve to best suit your needs as your healing process progresses. Treatments consist of a combination of bodywork, self care instruction, and regular evaluation of diet and exercise.

What to Expect: 

Wellness plan with bodywork treatments complete with goals and expectations, specifically tailored to your body type and needs

Self-care instruction and workshops to help you maintain the work we do between our sessions

Holistic Health Coaching to help you feel grounded and balanced when incorporating healthy choices into your lifestyle.

The Athlete
Training for a race or even the race season can be hard on an athletes body. With such an active lifestyle, it is crucial to have a game plan, supplementing your training to ensure the least amount of injury and highest performance possible. Even if you are not training for a race but workout on a regular basis and live an active lifestyle, establishing wellness goals with a plan can help your body maintain a healthy active state.

The Young Professional
A busy lifestyle is something that comes with the territory when you live in and around a city like Boston. And spending hours at the office can definitely pay off in the long run but don’t forget the potential tole it can take on your body. Sitting for the majority of the day, whether its at a desk or in your car, can create chronic tension that can lead to postural issues, causing pain throughout the body.

The Busy Mama
Raising a family is no easy task and self care for mom tends to fall way down on the priority list rather quickly. Ironically though, the health of our family depends on our own health and well being.  Motherhood consists of constant selfless behavior and sacrifice from the day you give birth and having the support to put yourself and your health first can be an invaluable and wonderful gift to give yourself.


Wellness Programs for Families
It takes a lot to manage a household and keep everything going. Its easy to feel off balance or overwhelmed from all the details and moving parts of the family dynamic. These wellness programs are designed to support you and your family by bringing balance and order back to your life.

My role is to support you and your family through this journey and give you the guidance you need to feel empowered as you become a mom.

What to Expect:

Wellness plan with specialized bodywork treatments complete with goals and expectations, specifically tailored to your changing body and needs

Pre and Post Pregnancy self-care instruction to help you maintain the work we do between our sessions

Classes and workshops to include Dad or Partner in helping Mom transition from one stage to the next.

Holistic Health Coaching to help prepare you and your family for new transitions while incorporating healthy choices into your lifestyle.

The Mama to Be
Whether you are 3 weeks or 33 weeks, a consistent wellness routine can help you move through your pregnancy and transition into motherhood with grace and ease.  Having the support you need as you journey through becoming a mom allows you to feel empowered when making all those many decisions through pregnancy.

The New Mama
Having a baby is no easy feat! And with that bundle of joy comes a lot of transition, growth, and learning curves. Being able to share your trials and triumphs can be an invaluable experience, reminding you that everything you are going through is normal and as it should be.

The Proud Papa
Most of the attention and focus is placed with mom when you’re expecting or bringing home a new baby (and rightfully so).  But that doesn’t mean that dad should be left out.  Dads definitely need some TLC too!
He is often times the silent support who doesn’t come with all those natural instincts and may feel a little lost and helpless as mom learns how to care for the new baby.  Giving Dad that added bit of support, allows him to be grounded and present when Mom needs him to be.

The Little One
Being brought into this world is a traumatizing experience. We come from a sense of peace, weightlessness, warmth, never having to yearn of hunger for anything. Everything we need is provided to us for those 9-10 months in utero…. And then we’re born.
Having a gentle touch can help a newborn transition into this life, releasing tension and stress on the nervous system after traveling through the birth canal.

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Each program is individually tailored to each client.  For a quote on a wellness program right for you and your lifestyle,

Please call: 781-426-6464 or email: francesmasterson [at] gmail [dot] com.

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