Sports Performance Manual Therapy is a blend of several different techniques to enhance muscle function, flexibility, and performance in today’s athletes. This type of manual therapy was originally created for optimum performance in Collegiate, Olympic and Professional athletes but through the years, more and more people leading active lives have found relief from tension and pain through this kind of treatment.

Various modalities and techniques are blended to achieve optimal treatments to give athletes optimal movement, coordination and agility in their specific sport. Techniques range from soft tissue manipulation, cupping therapy, kinesio taping, functional strength training and corrective exercise to minimize injuries and to maximize support of the athletes structural integrity.

Whether you are a collegiate, olympic, or professional athlete… If you are a marathon runner, triathlete, Crossfiter, or recreational athlete; such as soccer, lacrosse, softball or surfing, having a balanced body that is strong and agile is the best line of defense as you play your sport. And establishing good self care habits while challenging your body will ensure longevity in life and an active, healthy lifestyle for years to come.


Benefits of Sports Performance Manual Therapy are…

  • Increased stamina, flexibility and muscle fucntion
  • Enhance pre-competition training and overall performance level
  • Reduce recovery period and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after intense training
  • Eases rigid, tight muscles from overtraining and overuse
  • Promotes healthy muscle and joint function
  • Prevents injuries and/or shortens recovery time from said injuries
  • Prepares athletes psychologically by calming the mind and easing stress during higher level competitions
  • Centers athletes focus, mental performance and hand-eye coordination