Fundamentals come first.

Minimizing the risk of injury is always the number one goal with any client. This comes before any other goals such as fat or weight loss, building muscle, or performance enhancement. If you end up hurt, then none of those goals matter because you can’t train or function properly.

If you are new to manual therapy or any sort of athletic training, The first step of The MyoMethod is The Whole Body Assessment that consists of 3 types of assessments that help determine the best treatment and individualized training plan.

Postural Assessment: This test helps us determine where holding patterns are when your body is at rest. It gives us an overall view of what is over and under developed as well as where your imbalances are located.

Gait Analysis: This test helps determine how your body moves as you walk throughout your day. We will look for how your foot hits the ground, which side you are dominate on and what is compensating due to previous injuries, pain or tension.

Functional Movement: This test helps us determine where the weaknesses, pain, and/or tension is coming from. By using various fundamental exercises such as a squat, lunge, and various others to determine total range of mobility, strength and integrity of the structure.

What we will be looking for…
Areas of tension or pain
Holding & Compensation patterns
Fascial restrictions
Limited Range of Motion
Strengths and Weaknesses


Ultimate goal? Our focus and intention is to find the areas that aren’t working enough and train and challenge them. As we do that, we want to release and relax the areas that are working too much with the end result being a more balanced, functional, and mobile body… A whole healthy body.

By establishing a whole and balancedbody with a stable foundation, you have an opportunity to break out of any pain cycles, move with more ease and become stronger and more resilient.