Self Care for the Soul: A Slow Dance with You

In a world where we are constantly on the move, when we’re rushing around from point A to B, its easy to forget how to slow down and move with fluidity and purpose.

Sitting all day, lifting heavy bags, chasing after rug rats, shlepping luggage in and out of airplanes… life takes a toll on our bodies. As a result, we develop these stuck restricted patterns in our body that limit us in our daily movement.

Music is a perfect avenue to draw out authentic movement in our bodies and to remind us of all the dimensions and layers our bodies hold inside. So if you are looking for a way to unwind and let go of built up tension and stuck patterns, listen to this right HERE. <—- You can thank me later!

Turn the lights down low, lights some candles, play this… and simply let the music move through your body. And if John Legend isn’t your jam, play something else that will draw out that primal and authentic fluidity in your body.

Our bodies are designed to move with grace and ease… Sometimes we just need a little reminder of what we are capable of.

Let me know how it goes and how it feels once the music has moved through you. How does your body feel now? Do you feel any different?

2 comments on “Self Care for the Soul: A Slow Dance with You

  1. Hi Frances,

    Your post doesn’t strange me at all because I love doing housework with music (dancing and cleaning at the same time is great!). I will definitely try your suggestion, I can feel the vibes already and I bet it’s going to be an amazing experience!


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