As a specialized practitioner in this field, Frances is able to work with all women throughout every trimester, whether you are considered high or low risk. Manual therapy is extremely effective in helping expecting and new moms find comfort and balance while they transition into the role of motherhood.

Below are the descriptions of the treatments you can expect when you are expecting…

31487666_lThe Expecting Mama:  Depending on how far along you are, you may be either receiving your treatment as you normally would or you may be on your side, propped up with pillows to maximize comfort and relaxation. In the first trimester, you can expect for the pressure to not be as deep as in the second and third, primarily as a precaution to you and your growing baby. You can still expect to receive enough pressure as long as you are clear and communicate how you are feeling throughout the session.



In Labor Mama:  Certain compressions and techniques during labor have been proven to be highly effective in maintaining tension and helping mom move through her contractions with more ease.  Sometimes just having the support and reassurance of a clam gentle touch can be all you need to find the confidence to make it to the other side.




The New Mama:  Receiving manual therapy treatments after you’ve had your baby is so crucial… so important. Not only to you but to your entire family. Your state of mind is extremely important but extremely vulnerable and easily shaken after childbirth. Hormones have not yet regulated themselves as there is a deficit after the placenta is gone. The placenta is a hormone producing machine while your pregnant but once its done its job, the influx of hormones is not longer there. This creates a deficit of hormone production for about 6 weeks, which is typically when most new moms feel what is commonly referred to as the baby blues.

New Mama Support: Whatever kind of help and support you need at home. In-home massage or manual therapy, housework, errands, meal prepped and cooked, childcare, dog walking… You name it.. You got it! If all you want is for someone to hold your baby while you sleep, take a shower or get out of the house.. You got it!

Now that your baby is here and in need of you and only you, the demand is high and at times overwhelming. Finding time for yourself can mean the difference between maintaining a level head when things get hectic (and things will get hectic) or loosing your cool because there has been a pile of laundry in the floor for the past three days.

Do yourself a favor and schedule time for yourself like its one of the most important appointments.

As a proactive measure, pregnant moms often book a few appointments in advance to ensure they receive the bodywork they need for after the baby arrives. Nothing is ever in stone and we can always reschedule if needed, but having those appointments in place establishes a good mindset with the importance of self care for the new mama.

Some suggestions if you are finding it hard to get away as a new mom…

After you’ve had your baby, schedule a day when your husband, mom, dad, sister, aunt, friend can take your little one OR they can always come to the appointment with you. Let them hold your baby while you take an hour or so for yourself to breathe and receive a relaxing session tailored specifically to what you need at that moment. Doesn’t that sound nice??

Babies and children are always welcome if you are not able to find childcare and you are in need of some bodywork.

New moms are often seen with their babies and it usually goes off without a hitch. The only detail is you may not be able to completely relax. Then again, you may be one who could relax more fully knowing your baby is sound asleep in their stroller or car seat next to you.

Whatever you decide, sessions are flexible and open to any and every option when it comes to new moms receiving regular bodywork. So if you have a question or an idea regarding you, your baby, and/or receiving bodywork… just ask. You may just be giving me another option or opening a door to make it easier for other moms to receive massage.