Know Your WHY: 24 Affirmations for Your True Purpose

Often in this busy hectic world, we find ourselves lost and veering off our true path or calling from time to time. For me, taking a moment to remind myself of my WHY is crucial to staying on my path and accomplishing the goals I’ve set for myself.

Knowing our WHY is one of the most powerful influencers and motivators when setting goals and over coming obstacles. When life gets murky and complicated, being reminded of WHY we are here and WHY we are living this life we chose will make those trials and challenges seem more manageable. Coming back to our WHY will keep our sights on the bigger picture and our higher calling.


Sometimes when life overwhelms me and I feel like I can barely catch my breath, I’ll think about each of these affirmations to help me regain my perspective…

I’ll find a comfortable place to sit or lie down (usually in the sun). And when the weather is nice, I’ll sit outside.

I will often choose a few from the list below, depending on my mindset and how much time I have.

With every inhale I take, I will read or think each positive thought as though it was entering my body on that inhale.

And with every exhale I take, I will let go of any negative thoughts or emotions that come up, letting go of any fears that no longer serve me.

Inviting the positive in and letting the negative go.


Here are some positive thoughts to consider, meditate on, or be reminded of when you feel you’ve lost sight of that bigger picture…

I give all I can to my loved ones.
I help educate those who wish to know my knowledge.
I love the ones closest to me with an open heart.
With each session I learn something new.
Each person I meet is an opportunity to grow and learn and flourish.
Learning experiences come from mistakes as well as triumphs.
Everyday I am thankful for all I have.
I interact with graciousness and a humble disposition.
I lift others up, especially other women and young girls.
My voice: Softened and strong and soothing.
My life is expressed love and kindness towards all living creatures.
I enjoy the early morning in all its quiet and peacefulness.
I work with purposeful intention, improving my life’s quality and others.
I enjoy time off to rest, nurture and honor myself and my mind and body.
I respect forces higher than me and find pleasure in feeling and sensing energetic qualities in this universe.
I cherish nature in all its beauty and wisdom.
I alter people’s perceptions with kind words, a soft touch and helpful hand.
I continually challenge myself with life’s lessons and graciously learn from each and every obstacle.
I respect my elders and honor their wisdom in this world.
I give thanks and honor to other strong and independent women.
I look people in the eye when addressed or engaged in conversation.
My heart is open and my mind is clear.
I find joy and satisfaction in serving others.
I give to those who are less fortunate than I.
My cup is full and I feel blessed with all I have.


Let’s face it…. Life is messy and complicated. Finding our WHY and being reminded of our life’s purpose is what feeds our soul. When life is weighting your spirit down, revisit WHY you are doing what you are doing. Knowing your purpose makes those tough days, weeks and even years more palatable and more meaningful.

It also makes the work you do more effective when you move through your days with purpose, knowing WHY you are here.


What are your positive thoughts and affirmations that get you through the tough and challenging times?

What helps you refill and recharge your light when you feel you’ve lost your way?

What’s Your WHY?


Comment below and share your WHY, how you handle your challenges and those tough days.

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