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What clients are saying...

  • “Frances Masterson…. Her hands are amazing! I’ve been seeing her for six years and she’s gotten me through sports injuries, sciatica, pregnancy, and now what carrying a 20 lbs baby regularly does to my body! I cannot recommend her highly enough-she is a great massage therapist and has such a nurturing easy going way about her.”

    - Beth V.
  • “I started getting massages from Frances while I was pregnant and have continued since my baby was born. She makes housecalls so I don’t need to worry about childcare and she gave a massage to my partner too. We both think her massages are incredible.”

    - Karen G.
  • “I started going to Frances for prenatal massage after I hurt my lower back around week 34. She is fantastic! I had tried several other prenatal massages elsewhere and they did not compare. I highly recommend Frances and look forward to post partum massages too!”

    - Anne C.
  • “My prenatal massage with Frances was precisely what I needed. She is one of the finest therapists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, both highly talented and kind-hearted. I bet even the baby felt relaxed.”

    - Alexis Y.
  • “Frances gave me the best deep tissue massage ever! I had some serious spots and I felt amazing for at least a week after. Very talented and thorough, Frances is the best out there!”

    - Estee J.
  • “On the very day that I got a hamstring pull, I had the good fortune of being referred to Frances who had an incredible feel for what was necessary. She proceeded to give me most restorative and therapeutic massage of my life. She is a truly gifted practitioner and I will be back to continue with my recovery.”

    - Emily S

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