A Fitness Survey for Women


So I finally took the plunge and signed up for NASM’s Personal Training Certification last month. I am excited about how much this will add to my existing practice and the opportunities that lie ahead of me.

Now is the time to build the foundation and design some dynamic fitness programs that really help women feel good in their bodies and minds. But first, I need to do a bit of sleuthing… And I need YOUR help!

To help me create programs that really make an impact in women’s lives, I need some information from YOU! I will be periodically sending out and posting new surveys to help me fine tune the programs I’m creating.

I plan on using the information you give with your answers to tailor my approach towards fitness and helping women feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.

I appreciate the time it takes to answer these questions. Your feedback and ideas are extremely valuable to me.  If you have any trouble filling this out, please click HERE.


Thanks in advance,





Below is a survey for women, regarding their basic fitness and exercise activities.

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