It takes a lot to manage a household and keep everything going. Its easy to feel off balance or overwhelmed from all the details and moving parts of the family dynamic. These services are designed to support you and your family by bringing health, balance, and order back into your life.

Frances’ primary role is to give you the guidance you need to feel healthy and empowered as a woman, as a mom, and as a productive member of your community. Her secondary role is to provide your family with services that promote health and balance into their lives as well.

I often begin working with a client and eventually work with her entire family. Husband… Mom… Dad… Kids… Sister… Grandparents… You name it. I’ve worked with them. I love being witness to each person’s unique family dynamic. It’s such a special treat that I am always so honored to be a part of.


Any of the services listed HERE are always extended and suitable for most every family member (barring any health contraindications).

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Many of the classes listed HERE are great for couples, partners, and families of all ages. Bringing the family along is a great way to integrate healthy activities into your lifestyle.

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