A good, dynamic strength and conditioning program helps an athlete reach peak athletic performance, and an effective self-care and recovery program keeps her progress moving forward and reduces the risk of injury. Manual therapy supports the high level of training that is required of a successful athlete and provides a foundation of balance from which she can excel. It is an essential part of a sound athletic plan and without it, the chance of injury, due to overuse, is much more likely.

There are many different kinds of manual therapies suited for athletes of all levels. Each modality offers a specific purpose and has the potential to give an athlete an edge on their opponents. Sports performance manual therapy is designed to compliment and enhance the intense training that takes place during a typical season. This specific treatment combines these individual therapies into a program that is designed to help you reach your individual goals as an athlete.

Manual therapies are beneficial for all types of active individuals… from professional, olympic, or collegiate athletes to weekend warriors and even those new to fitness. Studies from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have shown that an integrated manual therapy program helps rehabilitate the body, aids in recovery and enhances performance.


Manual Therapies for Athletes:

Deep Tissue Sculpting

Kinesio Taping

Myofascial Release

NeuroMuscular|Trigger Point


PNF Stretching

Sports Cupping Therapy

Sports Performance

Thai/Sports Therapy