The MyoMethod is a combination of functional movement & corrective exercises, strength training, manual therapy and self myofascial release techniques. These proactive, functional self-care techniques and exercises release chronic tension throughout the body to keep you pain-free, more flexible and without injury.  Habits, overuse, and patterns of daily life shape and restrict our posture. So much that it causes consistent and long lasting tension, leading to pain and limitations in specific areas of the body.

If these patterns go untreated, eventually they become deeply ingrained in our posture, creating long lasting, wide-spread pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

Something that started as tightness in the chest due to long hours in front of the computer can easily turn into shoulder and neck pain with limited range of motion, chronic headaches, TMJ syndrome, shortness of breath, kyphosis and more. Additionally, something that starts out as a twinge in the knee can turn into plantar fasciitis, a torn ACL, hip and/or pelvic floor dysfunction, and any myriad of chronic yet entirely preventable health conditions.


Starting out with as little as 3 days a week, you will see and feel a difference in your posture and how your body feels throughout the day.  By learning the MyoMethod techniques, you will not only feel better, stand taller and look slimmer, but you will feel stronger and become a proactive healer of your body with a better sense of the signals your body produces before a true pain cycle sets in.

The MyoMethod is made up of easy solutions that give you back the power and control over your health and how you feel in your body.

Originally developed as self myofascial release (SMR) homework for clients, these techniques compliment and build upon the work done in the treatment room. It not only allows for progress to move forward and achieve goals, but it establishes accountability for the client’s own health and wellness

In using the MyoMethod, you are more balanced in your body and it’s movement, more in control of your own healing process, and more successful in achieving the goals you set for yourself.

And if you need an added bonus…. the MyoMethod saves you time and money!


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