7 Benefits of A Regular Foam Rolling Routine

It seems as if Foam Rolling is all the craze these days. Every gym or health club I’ve been to, there’s almost always someone rolling and often with a grimaced look on their face.

Foam Rolling has been around for quiet a while but as more and more information about fascia and its role within our bodies comes to the surface, we find that treating this interconnected webbing of connective tissue is very much alive and of the utmost importance.

While many athletes and runners are well versed in Foam Rolling and all its benefits, the general population has just begun to realize just how effective, “rolling” can be. Whether you work at desk, stand on your feet all day long, sit in a car for more than you’d like or travel for work, Foam Rolling is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your body feeling at ease and pain free.

If I told you that Foam Rolling specific targeted areas 3 times a week (for only 20 minutes each session) would drastically improve how you felt in your body on a daily basis…. Would you try it?  If you said yes, click HERE.

Here are just a few benefits of a regular foam rolling routine…

Better Posture

Injury Prevention & Enhanced Rehabilitation

Decreased Recovery Time for Muscles

Improved Mobility & Agility

Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility

Improved Muscle Function

More Body Awareness

Feeling comfortable in your own body is important for our livelihood as human beings and bipeds. We balance these big heavy heads on our shoulders, which translates down through the spine, onto the hips and pelvis, into the knees and down to the feet. Our bodies take a beating when we over use, over compensate and under nourish ourselves.

By opening up joints and releasing tight muscles that restrict our body from standing up straight, we drastically improve our chances of living a healthy injury free life. Gravity is a B.. So why not give your body all the help it can get as it walks you through this life.

For more information on how to use a foam roller with specific and targeted techniques to help ease chronic pain and improve your quality of life, Click HERE.

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